Pump it up -Love your passion and Kill your Anxieties!

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Hello, Are you pumped up about new things? A new Apple Macbook , a surprise travel or simply even a new web series like Mirzapur on Amazon Prime. As I write this post, the anxiety level of eager fans of Mirzapur 2 is so high that the #Andacampaign on Instagram has worked brilliantly to keep the momentum ticking for weeks now.

I know, you least expected me to write this in my second blog post. But, hey, that’s what Elvirawriteporium is about. Free from the clutches from the mundane ways of looking at content.

As I am pumped about working on this blog, the 1st being  ElviraItsMyLife , which features my poems, articles, book reviews etc and celebrates Life and Creativity to the core, so is my passion to thrive on my writing goals with this one.

As  Content Creators , you will realize that working in a set pattern or restricted path limits your passion that needs its Zen moment each time.

Why pumping up your ideas are important?

How many of you call yourself skilled professional, a Content Coach or Social Media nerd ?

Okay! Are you qualified Copywriter, content writer who has certificates to show?

I hear a few No’s.

So, you get the funda right. Content is a genre that doesn’t necessarily need you to have a master’s degree in Writing . It is all about your creativity and efforts you put in.

Today, with digital media, I can call myself a Content Writer who can tell brands how I can help them to scale their business . That’s the deal . (Honestly, I have done certifications and courses alright!)

But, lets say, you are a fresher, which most are at every juncture.

I mean , in this creative content world  or writeporium, there are selected few who have explored all of the content areas there is in the industry. And yet, new trends and insights continue to pop up everyday!

So, If you are living under a bubble that refuses to adapt, the game is over my friend!

Remember, few years ago, an proof reader would be the go- to- person to review your work for a project. But now we have brilliant softwares like Grammarly which does a decent level of job ( Decent because you have still need to have a basic literary skills to take a stand).

How can you Rise and Shine in your area of expertise and passion?

Turn into an owl

Keep your elongated ears open and eyes wide open to everything that happens around you is a 100% must. ” I love Pop Culture but not so keen on politics” just won’t do. Hmm, I been there and done that. Infact, unless you are able to carve a clean pitch of how socially relevant your idea is, people won’t invest in your idea or you.

Self care and motivation

Rise and shine means you work your butt off to get a good idea and work on a project but not forgetting you as a person. Self care and personal motivation keeps your head sane like a box of ice cubes and shine when needed to throw your towel for a quick vacation.

Write Write Write More

It is Generation of Videos Elvira! Video are slated to be the next James Bond. Yes true! But ain’t Content , its real backbone that makes a Video go viral . We aren’t debating on cringy ones yet. Habit of writing atleast for 10 minutes will create a brain dump of ideas which you can repurpose for different genres and projects.

Where you need your brand or client you are working for to show your face 24/7 across different platforms, you need to get wiser with placing your content strategies and tweak into like swirl of icing on a cake.

Keep Basics close

Brands love keep their USP their top priority no matter what happens. So, what can you do as a good professional ?

Keep your basics simple , work on ethics and mini missions. Avoid jumping to showoff and start upskilling yourself. A consumer wants to buy the end product, don’t confuse them by explaining about BTS of content strategies. Give them the best Product Service and Experience.

Consume and Create

Daily churning of content is no easy feat. Really! How much research can you do on a same topic that everyone else has been lunging around. There are days when I write poems for weeks and suddenly hit boredom. That’s when Books, Movies come to my rescue from going cuckoo. Keep a space for your creative outlet to LISTEN WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY.

The next time, you can correlate better with daily exercise giving best results of a Fit Body. In our case, proud Content Creators:)

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Copyright©2020-23rd October by Elvira Lobo Pinto (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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