How to follow “Millennial Thinking” across all levels of content creation

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Hello people,

Welcome to yet another dish of a content stuffed article. Living as a millennial who breathes in and out of the content world, our life is super synced with it.

Gone are the days where we sang the “ I love you Rasna”, or “ Thanda Matlab Coca Cola”, the 90’s jingle that dominated our minds to love these soft drinks served for every occasion.

In 2020, “Baba ka dhaba”, 80 year old man Kanta Prasad who along with his wife in Delhi make their living by selling matar paneer, rice and rotis in this pandemic is an example of moment marketing which few brands took undue liberty to encash into the sympathy of the audience rather helping him.

Today, Content usage has become multi-dimensional and universally open to experiment.

In the past, we wrote copy for a product that has promoted in television ads, banners and hoardings. At present, the content usage has taken digital wings to fly across domains like websites, social media platforms, email marketing.

3 Point Strategy of Content Writing and Content Usage

Specific work profile

Content writing and writing in general has certain defined roles, like information based , sales promotion through newspaper ads or radio depending on the need of the client.

Today, as content creators, you cannot imagine sticking to one medium. Infact, most of you are juggling writing articles, to tackle Seo, to create a digital market presence for your work.

Tweak it 

Repurposing your content truly drives a smooth functioning of a business. Rather than churning out mediocre content, tweaking your promotional strategies to fit a BIG IDEA into bite-sized is to create maximum impact.  

Previously, I stuck to writing poems only on my blog and in various writing groups. But, today, I leverage quote, short verses and articles on my Instagram while written captions for clients and friends too.

Trade your shoes, not goals

Under the broad domain of Content, we have categories like content marketing, content writing, social media etc. This whole concept has evolved and continues to change faster than your time- tracker on your Fitness band.

The whole point to survive this is to run at a pace carrying your goals along with you while stopping once a while to gear up like a F1 race. Change your tyres (upskilling regularly).

Why we need to understand micro-content strategies

Because when we pitch our services, we should avoid the following “ water hose” strategy to get clients. For those of you who aren’t acquainted, Water hose is simply applying to a list of jobs and waiting to strike a goal.

You need to understand the market as creators including both its progress and journey which will help you personalize your service or product to client as per need.

In turn, you get a chance to negotiate better for your skills and expertise rather than the type of work which is common for all.

Communicate your preferences and healthy relationship with client assures quality delivery with trusted service.

When to apply millennial thinking and draw your limits

As we are creators of content, we take utmost pride and shoulder responsibility to be part of this field. Do, you know when this can overpower or overwhelm you?

Be prepared to know when to draw limits to leverage your content is most crucial.

  • As a writer, you may get inspired by works of different writers or creators. Add your own pot of spices into the recipe. Don’t follow the herd and copy-paste other’s work.
  • Meeting deadlines every now and then creates a blot on your mind. Try to convey your state of fatigue to your seniors/boss. Take Breaks and keep Low-Key. Because no one loves a half baked cake! I hope not them.
  • Convert your stress into light-hearted content once a while. Who said that we can’t write a fun article on education or share a comic banter by writing a copy for mutual funds. Mutual funds-” Tickles you to security later, keeps a straight face for now”. (Don’t stop your SIP’s, keep it straight and consistent)
  • Don’t go overboard with consuming content. One common red flag we need to drop it right away by keeping a tab on your content consumption. It will restrict your creative juices to flow and remain floating on other’s boat which ain’t a good sign.


You may hit a rock bottom or be lucky enough to touch the sky in your content career, your creative path is unique to you. Consume and Create Content with Care. Take the baton of being a millennial creator and shoot the stars by adopting wise tactics to keep your creative fireplace burning!


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