Write for your Audience -Lessons Learnt from Stand Up Comedians

write for your audience like stand up comedians

Today, I share with you one of the interesting topic that always intrigues me. It is a like a sinking sand. Goes Deeper and wild . It’s an ambit , an extraordinary element of life- Writing.

Let’s begin by the cliché topic, what does writing mean to you?

Each time, it transports you to a different emotion or a memory to finally come up with an answer.

The smartass answer you gave me today could be well thought and reasoned by you than 5 years before. The world around you  has changed dramatically. So have you.

Diaries were and still are personal spaces. But blogging has become the Vogue of our Times to narrate the chronicles of our life to the world.

Then came the revolution of Facebook where we tried to please others and wanted to live in a society which “ Liked ” us . And duh! We spent hours and hours to portray our best version.

There, that got me lost too!

Writing has moved on to evolve from a personal to a  professional space. It has become a global business that we realized the importance of  “ Content is King “ and pen is mightier than sword indeed.

But doesn’t a pen have life because of you as writers who pour your thoughts  .

But Consistency is Queen too 🙂

Okay, handling all of that, lets come to this hot topic.

Who do you write for? Media Houses or Your Audience?

Who do you write for ? For yourself, your client , a PR agency or your Audience?

Since I assume you are tech savvy and well informed in your field, you are prompt with this answer that You need to write for your audience. (Google answered too)

How true is that? You are the one researching, created your own blog, writes daily, puts out content, adds your personal touch in writing. Then why to write for an audience?

Sinking sand !( Remember)

Okay ! Come on let’s explore this in depth and get your answers

If I have to think of it, the best example is Comedians who write their content and do Stand up comedy.

Not because I am comedy fan nerd, but when you observe their content creation process, you will realize why writing for others or your audience is important.

Lessons you can learn from Stand Up Comedians

  1. Comedians don’t write for an ad, a brand (apart from integrated content) or the auditorium
  2. They write for You- Real audience
  3. They are consistent no matter what you think of them- Outrightly hilarious, Funny, Good stuff or just Blah!
  4. Check out their first comedy stint and compare to the present, many of them have significantly done better by writing more realistic content.
  5. They love to experiment the medium they have chosen. If a theme or a gig has worked for them, they try to incorporate that experience in future in their next segments with a twist or new perspective
  6. They are social intelligent humans who have cracked the power of public speaking and with quick fun repartees .
  7. Think of it, they are constantly up their game with being good with general knowledge and abreast with the market trends .
  8. They may be hounded by critics for a bad show or praised for good one, they are always on their toes with the motto  “ Each time – Begin a show  with A Fresh Start”

One of the best lessons I love about and learnt from Stand Up Comedians, is that they have nerve to do what they do.


I love Rahul Subramanian, Kenny Sebastian, Sumukhi Suresh, AiyyoShraddha ( My favourite Indian Stand up comedians) who come up with fun, whacky and creative content and comedy sketches.

It is my personal opinion that it is good that blogging or social media gave an exposure for writers to think beyond diaries

Why blogging gives a better exposure for Writers

  • You are less critical of yourself while journaling .
  • Yes, the whole point of journaling  is to be not critical , but don’t keep it as the only medium of your content writing.
  • Sometimes, you may tend to overlook  at your faults and focus on what seem best which may not be good.
  • Restricting to just journaling restrains your exposure about the world.
  • Audience allows you to experiment and adapt to unconventional situations. Eg: Your audience loves your articles on Lifestyle and may suggest you to explore different topics like finance, mental health etc.

For being a frontrunner as a content creator, you need to be bold enough to shake your pride off and begin a new day as though it is your first day. Learn from a comedian and write for Real Audience.

The pleasure will be ultimately yours.

Name your favourite comedian and Tell me why you love their content or comedy sketches?

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