Don’t let your Doomscrolling content affect your brand in future!

doomscrolling content on social media

It’s already 3.30 am. Tucking my head on the slouchy pillow, I am refreshing the google news feed on my phone to know about coronavirus. Yes, this was me a few months ago. Subconsciously, I would end up checking the count of cases, lockdown, medical measures of India and then other countries. Even the search button on my phone threw me so-called valuable suggestions. I would incoherently check them all during the day.

Welcome to the rabbit hole of social media-Doomscrolling. As bizarre as it sounds, it has managed to seep into our world so easily like a slime. Doomscrolling content refers to indefinitely scrolling or consuming negative news on social media.

As content creators, social media is an indispensable part of your life. Are you wondering how it is relevant to you? Because, in the social media mirage of content creation, we are bound to consume to keep us updated with the social media trends and news.

And often, negative news creates a ruckus and we fall into the pit quite easily.

Stay away from these Doomscrolling content tactics

Negativity attracts attention: 

A sarcastic pun grabs a lot of eyeballs and shares. If we check our phones, we will have a bunch of them as WhatsApp forwards, news feeds, texts, videos, gifs etc. Keep away from creating such spiral content that forces your brand to go the doom in future. Audiences are mindful of where they invest in the current tech world. Long hours of doomscrolling addiction doesn’t mean guaranteed followers and subscribers . It’s a subconscious vicious circle out of boredom, negativity.

You don’t want to be known as a professional content creator who is an ambassador of spreading fake news, viral false messages and videos.

Cringe content: 

Fake news  cringe content

Cringe content totally sucks. It is a smart way to attract the viewer’s attention. You may be tempted to make cringe based content to leverage sales or increase the audience count. Tweaking the sole purpose of the message by making it appear true gives a false illusion. Stay away from cringe tactics forcing people to scroll on false gimmicks, clickbaits which have no longterm future.

Over the top promotional tactics: 

Some brands and aspiring social media fanatics desire to create a mass appeal. Cringe content is used by excessive marketing strategies to gain the trust of the audience. “In your face promotions” are done to create false impressions to be popular and trustworthy. Over the top promotions doesn’t guarantee brand loyalty which should be your vision as a content creator.

Use of FOMO: 

We usually fall prey to FOMO ads campaigns. Fear of missing out an amazing offer, discount on luxury goods or ‘few stocks left’ spell. Today, we also fear missing out a social celebrity or our favourite YouTuber giving a live talk! It is one of the most doomscrolled tactic attracting attention. Doomscrolling by FOMO gives a vague idea of a surprise element in the end which lures people to get hooked. It is a short lived game .Often, this becomes an addiction to be first while comprising on quality content or product.

Memes, Trolls and Bloopers:

We all live in “skim through everything” world. In our busy lives, we look forward to chill with light-hearted content. Memes, Trolls and Bloopers are an extension of the skimming phase. Reading large texts, watching long duration videos have been overshadowed by memes, trolls and bloopers. In general, there are decent ones on the internet. But there are loose ends like duplicate content, lewd remarks, viral messages without authenticity.

Who doesn’t love watching memes and bloopers? Which is your current favourite meme? But avoid tarnishing your reputation by churning out bad intended memes and trolls for the sake of it.

Avoid the herd mentality:

Doomscrolling has vices of a herd mentality. We usually end up crawling on content that’s liked by all. On the flip side, we create content that’s popular on the net. You end up losing track of what your target audience actually expects from us. You may be forced to mimick content from others to stay relevant. It is popularly said that doomscrolling affects mental health and adds backlash. Do not let your brand become a social media puppet. Be a positive influencer of good content that adds value to you and your audience.

Choose to make “ HappyScrolling Content” on Social Media:

happyscrolling content

HappyScrolling Content

While you are walking down a busy street, I tap at your shoulder everyday and run. How would you react? Ignore, sulk, abuse or shrug away. But how long? You will definitely make a plan to nab me the next time. We, humans, are born to be happy, inspire and stay in peace. No one loves to stay in pain or be taken a jibe at. You wouldn’t want to have a person in your life who constantly talks ill of others or shares depressing news with you.

Audiences are mindful of investing their hard-earned money and today internet data is money!

Good morning messages and quotes are the most shared piece of content. It evokes happiness, positivity and peace.

Create inspiring motivational and good humour based videos which have a big fan following.

Adopt gleefreshing – a choice to be happy and consume and create good content. Gleefreshing is sharing and be grateful for good things/ events in life. Joyscrolling on social media is a good way to have a positive impact on lives and minds.

Make information based content that inspires your audience in your niche. Happy content can have more brand recall value as you have created “a special moment ’’in those vital minutes.

Follow the Ritual of Gratitude to your audience more often through your communication

Be a responsible Content Creator. Have an organic fan following of your content rather than temporary bots and cringe seekers.

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