Keeping up with Culture-Do you have a Focussed Content Culture in place?

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At the time when content creation has been pivotal in the digital race, you don’t want to be left out. Coming up with a unique ideas is given, but Sustainability is the Key. As an ambassador of content creation, you feel the need to dive quickly into the trends. But is your Content Culture focussed?

Have you tried doing sponsored content, guest posts , giving freebies but got no results?

It’s time to conduct a culture content check up!

Don’t worry, you are in the same boat as all of us. All we have is to navigate our goals to anchor our content in the right direction, our target audience.

Since, Beauty and Fashion industry is one of the most dynamic niches, let’s understand how you can apply focussed culture to your content .

How to fix your Content Culture right away?

fix your content culture as content creator

Get your goals aligned:

Does Goals seem a daunting task for you to follow. Then make action plans to set your goals. With regards to focused content culture, identify your core message. What are your business values you would communicate to your audience.

For instance, if you are a beauty influencer, your focus content culture could be making you a trustworthy icon in beauty and makeup. Your content may include skincare routines, sharing  dry and oil skin type products, beauty options and Diys, health tips for your audience .

Revamp your ideas:

Since a lot of your effort goes in content creation and sharing, you may neglect to introduce new ideas into your business. We generally love to continue what works best . But Don’t bore your audience to tears with the same stuff. Focused content encourages newness. Fix your content culture by observing  recent developments in your niche. Create strategies how you could incorporate it into your current content.

You could surprise your audience by sharing a new skincare routine for holidays, work day etc. Rather than your favourite products, people would engage more when you try and test new products. This helps you gain views from people who look for your validation on every purchase.

Reset your time and mistakes:

Reset your mistakes the moment you find them. In our world of trolls and competitive brand image, your role as a content creator comes with responsibility. You may have liked a particular makeup brand and promoted it. But, next you see it is maligned for using cheap quality products. What do you do? Wait ….No. Get your facts cleared and Apologize. Don’t wait for other peers to speak. Remember your audience has vouched your trust. Repair your audience trust with quality content and prior disclaimer.

Don’t saturate your growth:

Have your principles been comprised? Have luring ideas and showbiz taken over your game. Make a practise to do self check regularly. Once your content is pushed out, you cannot tweak it. Take time to realign your vision . Focus your energy to create a culture of transparency and authenticity amongst your audience. Grow your audience by sharing your personality. Let people engage with you first .Subscribers, deals and sales will happen eventually.

Keep your content relatable:  

Connection with your audience is in your hands. Hence, creators are often bombarded to narrow down their niche. If you are beauty blogger and creator, your content on Best Serums available will appeal to me rather than video creation tips.  Keep your culture unique to you. Build an whole community around your niche, eg: Homebased  beauty diys, influencer who guides the best quality makeup brands.

You could add elements of vlogging your “ No makeup day” to add a hint of your personality. Keep your message clear and simple that even a college goer to a housewife and working women should be able to try your tips and tricks.

Personality v/s Popularity :

Talking about the content game , sharing the right vibe is crucial. As a beauty and fashion influencer, you need to make mindful choices. How much of your personality are you willing to share with your audience. Does your content culture demand  “ Being Popular” or “ Share Good Personality”.

In Fashion and Beauty niche, there’s a contant tussle for attention. Both well established and newcomers try their best .Influencer marketing is a tough ball game. You need to know when to strike a goal.

For example, you may share a 15 – 20 minute video about “ Morning skincare routine” on Youtube. But on Instagram, you can add a 15 second reel on “ Good Morning look ”or a post “Fresh Face” . Youtube needs you to engage a lot more with a good quality content. Instagram  is all about quick engagement without you sharing more of your personality.

Keeping up with the culture: Be a Thought Leader

fashion influencer , content creator

Yayy! Hopefully, you have done some real catching up with your content strategy!

With your content culture in place and fixing wherever required , it is time to test waters.

You need to keep a tab on how are you gonna maintain this culture and keep it focussed. The best way is to take a look at your analytics, measure your audience engagement.

Maintaining your content culture takes more time and effort than building it.

So, don’t go loony like me and celebrate 🙂

It is important you don’t downplay your role as a content creator nor be an overconfident pumpkin.

Make sure your audience doesn’t forget you. Make your inhouse content your USP. Incase, you are overwhelmed by the hours you need to churn out content, hire a team who will resonate with your brand culture.

One of the best solutions is to have add personal touch. People connect with people. “Become a Thought Leader” in your field of beauty and fashion. Your strong focussed culture will encourage women to admire and follow you.

             You can apply these focussed content tips in any field of your content creation. Create your unique content culture that empowers you to stay connected with your audience.

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