5 Smart Strategies to Spice your Winter Content (Holiday)Season

winter content ideas holiday season

The holiday season is already here. The temperatures are dropping and so is your Patience to create something new. It’s time for coming up with some Winter content ideas to celebrate this festive season. I am not gonna bore you with yet another list of winter topics. You can find these amazing topics here-link My Pinterest account with the post .

Since, I assume you are already into the content arena, what can you do to pump up your Holiday season special this season.

Choose your content that fun, interesting to carry forward during the new years too.

Tips to a Stress- free Holiday Content Season

1. Read a bunch of articles:

This Pandemic, we had lot of free time to ourselves to reflect and catch up with our interests. If you haven’t, it is completely okay. Take time off your schedule now. Make atleast 30 mins routine to read new content that’s connected to your niche.

My suggestion is to find “what worked during pandemic”:

-Homemade twist to traditional recipes.

-More screen time to watch favourite series, Comedy or Action movies.

-Upcycle of home décor items

-Personalized DIY

Having an okayish idea also will work. Now, having read them, use these elements in your winter season content. Audiences will able to connect how their individual interests have evolved over time.

2. Synergize your Shareable content:

In simple words,  content that you can share with your friends and family. It is really overwhelming for you to create shareable content each and every time. So what do you do?

Make a quick list of content on your blog/videos that did well. Synergize them to create share your best moments with your audience. Share a laugh with your friends over a video you made recently.

You can engage your audience to what’s your opinion” on a certain topic you created in it past.

Tada, you have a readymade contest material! Also, use these inferences later to analyse your topic in future.

3. Welcome Change:

Change has been the new normal of 2020. From going outdoors to being confined in lockdown for months, we have come a long way. Spice your winter season this time by “a tweak strategy”into your content.

Share your experiences about how you dealt with it. Eg Most Travel bloggers made a wise decision of using their previous travel pictures and  experiences. Some even shared how they will prioritize their life, travel in future. Winter content ideas like tips to handle a sudden travel plan, essential traveling can gain more views.

Use Change as a weapon of positivity. We all love to know what to expect in future. So , convey what’s new, future trends you forsee in your niche. Welcome your audience to a fresh perspective as we usher in 2021 with new resolutions and positive outlook.

4. Have a Winter Photoshoot:

Ah, I know it sounds totally odd to have photoshoot as a content tip. Surely, it isn’t all stress free with all the perfect shots and angles you need to take care of.

Hold on! Usually, you use free shareable images/videos as references in your content. Why not have  some of your own? This holiday season, take a different route and explore nature.

Capture the snow in your neighbourhood, a bloomed garden in your city, decked up Christmas tree and gifts etc. Click a bunch of selfies and portraits at different locations.

If you are Food Enthusiast ,you can give a sneak peek to your winter crockery collection,

Fashionistas can have a collage of their favourite winter wears over 5 years, current favourites,

Your audience gets to connect with you as person. Use these pictures in your daily content and give a cute backstory. You could choose to build an entire Content Series around them!

5. Go for Challenges:

Making content itself is a challenging task right? So, have some fun collaborations with creators in your niche. Challenges allows you to face your vulnerabilities. It also allows you think different and upfront. Challenge your content with a holiday season twist.

-How can you make your fitness regime work even on a holiday?

-Work on your Mental health, call up friends and family than texting?

-Share your Video Marketing ideas with your audience- a Fun Challenge.

-Create along with me Challenge- applied to all niches.


Now, I hope you got some inspirations to have a different outlook about how you can content work for you . Bring it on and celebrate your content journey . To make a smart winter holiday season content, you need to think and act differently. Rock your content calendar in 2021 right now. Remember- Have fun and Keep it simple.

Which of these SMART TIPS did you like and tell me what’s your content plan this season?

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