How has Blogging changed from Content Writing to Promotion?

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Are you late to start blogging in 2021? Does it bother you who will read a 1500-2000 word article? Let’s face it. You are at a much better space to start your own blog. A good meal is good enough unless you taste it! You love it even more if the meal has been given good reviews. How can you convert your content skills into blog promotion? You do want to match up with the evolving blogging industry. Giving you a slice of my own pie, here’s sharing my experiences on watching blogging niche grow over the last decade.

Entry into the Blogging World

I started Blogging in 2009 as a creative outlet of my thoughts and persuasion from my teacher Kajali Raina. As a Mumbai based writer, It’s my Life Blog was born on March 17, 2009.

1. Content creation

Poetry comes naturally to me. Having a blog gave me desired momentum. Situations, experiences and people have inspired me to give a voice to my thoughts. Writing Poems through Storytelling by using Metaphors, Free Verse and Rhymes have improved and empowered my creativity . Topics like Life, Love, Relationships and Nature interest me. So, content creation was fueling that passion of words.

 2. Technicalities

Please don’t get me there. Newbies, learn the basics of blog tech. You will later thank me. is a pretty easy platform but basic knowledge will make your journey easy. I used to read a lot of articles on how to adjust a new theme, include customized dropdown formats, edit html to get add a new section etc. I was regularly active at tech forums and a huge gratitude to the experts who guided me and learnt nuances on how you change a theme, adjust the layout of your blog etc.

3. Communities and Networking

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Blogging is a platform that connects you with like- minded people. You can network with people from around the world. Writing forums were a huge booster as bloggers to explore different niche writings. Building your own community as Poetry lovers gave an outlook to share constructive feedback and learning new view points from your peers.

You can learnt about “ Poetry recitations”, “Slam poetry”, “Poetry Prompts” and “Napowrimo Contest” like I did and showcase my creative writings to larger set of audiences.  Guest Blogging gave “Community Building” a novel chance to amateur bloggers like me to connect with professionals and poetry facebook groups.

4. Mistakes

While I look back at the mistakes I did as a blogger, I probably need to wear my sports shoes and run. But hey, I need to address them and hope you keep it in mind and learn from them.

***Lessons I learnt as a Blogger:

1. Treating it as a fun project, I wish I had promoted my blog a lot more . Thanks to the traction of my dedicated audience and my poet fraternities were source of the blog traffic.

2. Swaying into the gimmicks of cool designs and themes, I often spend hours initially to tweak the layout instead of content creation.

3. As a creative writer, It’s My Life was my confidante . I could speak in rhymes, free verse, haikus . Even though it is a good niche, I didn’t explore pure literary stuff for quite some time. Ofcourse, I gravitated later to different poetry forms including long sonnets.

4. If you think I became a rich blogger, Nope ! I didn’t leverage my blog immediately to monetize it through Google Adsense and Ads promotions. Because I didn’t know much about it and secondly when I did so quite later, “I forgot my password” and locked it.

5. Last year , I migrated the blog to WordPress but guess what, I lost contact of subscribers list. Yes, the hard earned networks of subscribers were gone. Collecting email list wasn’t a thing few years ago. Thanks to Facebook, I got reconnected with a few who are now my writer buddies.

5. Rewards and Recognition

Content creation through Poetry gives you a dimension to explore writing on a different level. You get a chance to voice your opinion. I realized the power of blogging when it gave a momentum to my work and attracted “visibility” as a writer. If you are writer, exploring Blogging should be on top of your list.

I owe my Blog It’s My Life to be published as poet in many national and international anthologies. Writing consistently improved my knowledge and skills to dissect a situation on a deeper level.

Through Blogging, I got my first Recognition to be a published author of It’s My Life- A Poetic Journey from No one to Someone”, ” The Revelationand latest The Untied ShoeLaces in 2020.


seo marketing and blog promotion

Let’s begin the juicy part of Blogging. Why not? Remember Writeporium’s motto is to be free from shackles of mundane way of treating and consuming content. After exploring the realms of Creative Writing, I took up learning the traits of Content and became a Content Writer.

1. Article writing- Long form content

Blogging has been my abode for over a decade now. Blogging has evolved like Seasons of Nature. For those who want to be Content Writer, you need a have a Focussed content in place. Trying different niches under the same blog confuses the audience. Hence, you need to narrow down your niche and focus on your content strategy.

Long form content today demand to be educative, valued based and well researched. A typical 1500- 2000 word article with the detailed context to a topic with relevant facts and learnings is a good article.

2. Understanding SEO- Own Domain name

Having your own Domain name raises your audience trust. To be honest, I learnt about the SEO game once I moved to WordPress. If you want to increase authenticity amongst your audience, you need to learn SEO writing. Practise your writing along with good SEO will help rank better on Google.

Surely, you may choose to follow the current trend “natural keywords” included into your article, but knowledge about SEO teaches you to write an article tailor-made for audience.  You can optimize what your reader wants to read or a topic he/she would want to know about.

3. Creative project

If your end is goal is reach an island, you might as well explore the sea, teach yourself how to swim, face a tide/storm and sail through nature! Call yourself an aspiring writer isn’t enough? In the digital era, you need to constantly grow as a writer.  If you face a Writer’s Block, don’t get dejected; channel your energy into something meaningful.  Grab every opportunity where Writing as a field takes you.

I started my “ Creative Project Series as part of my blog with an initiative to help creative artists in different fields. This project is now a Renaissance to the my Creative Journey.

This Blog “ElviraWriteporium” was a fresh creative vision about “ Content Writing and Creation”.

4. Freelancing

Do you want earn a Passive Income apart from your 9-5 Job? Does a Side Hustle excite you? Friends, you must try Freelancing. Since the past years and moreso in the pandemic, Freelancing has become the new normal. Previously, only few remote jobs were assigned to freelancers .

But now, We are called as Freelance Professionals. Most digital and marketing companies want to consider work done by a freelancer. A freelancer is easier on the budget than hiring full-fledged agency. Easy maintenance, less cost compared to a full time employee and project is delivered on timely basis. How easy can it get!

A Freelance Content Writer and Copywriter are one of most popular and high in demand skill. So, you get paid for your skilled services delivered to your clients. You can now earn through a simple Blog Writing or Copywriting gig for a client and earn decent money.

If you have gained the desired skill and experience with practise, you can choose to work as a Freelance Blog Editor for multiple clients.


digital content and podcast

1.Building portfolio

For the longest time, I had no idea about building a portfolio. A portfolio is a snapshot of your skills and expertise in area of interest. Adding the Swag of Internet, Your Blog could feature as your Portfolio. It is not just a list of articles, but offers a glimpse to your writing style and command of language. It becomes your free promotional campaign.

Blog promotion is a way you can build your authority over a subject that impresses your readers and potential clients. Gone are days were blogging was just limited to personal opinions. Today, your blog can be entertainer or an educator for a niche. You can use your blog as portfolio to get writing gigs, content writing internships or even a make a writer career.

2. Social media

Can you have a look at my Blog page? This was a standard practise until the  Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram have become a synonymous part of our life. Previously, your blog traffic included readers who visited your website. But today, Free Blog promotion has taken unconventional routes to navigate your social media traffic to your blog.

You can write an full fledged article on your blog and repurpose your content on multi social media platforms.  Making Video content , Infographics, Reels, Facebook Pages out of your blog content is a successful tested content formula. Blog promotion through social media allows you tap mulitple streams of earnings.

3. Leveraging on pinterest:

How many visitors can you have on your blog each month? Factors like your quality content, your readers list and engagement and nowadays depends on promotion.

Pinterest is a boon for bloggers. A free blog promtional tool .Create a visual image about your subject could encourage a new visitor searching for the topic to read your content. Blog promotion through pinterest gives you a opportunity to use your creative skills via Graphic Designing. It is a lucrative Organic traffic send to your blog. And if you looking for new blog ideas, blog article inspirations, sub niches in your category, then pinterest is your best friend.

4. Be on Multiple content formats:

If you are a blogger, your main strategy in this millennial world is how you can leverage your blog content to the maximum. Ofcourse Increase your website traffic too. Blog promotions have evolved from just plain words and images to Video Creation.

a) Today, you can repurpose your blog article and include it as topic of your webinar.

b) Get creative and have a Vlogging Session and introduce the snippets in your article/blog post.

c) Write a script using the blog topic, shoot a creative video for your Youtube channel

d) Engage in a live session with your audience with blog pointers as discussions

e) Launch your Own Podcast Channel and become a Content influencer with your engaging topics.

f) Become a microblogger and share 280 character story, puns, mini post on Twitter.

g) Launch your own Ebook, how to Guides and even have a chit chat session with your audiences.

h) Create Infographics of your content and promote it on your Instagram handle.

i) Blogging  has grown to be a social platform to build your own Personal brand of “Wit, Wisdom and Creativity” in your desired niche.

j) Join the gang of unique and unexplored niches of blogging like Sewing  in 2020 and tap opportunities to rank better on Google to acquiring brand deals and customer engagement.


        Content Writing and Blog Promotion have become a gateway to build your own niche audience. These readers will convert as buyers on launch of your products or services. Blogging industry has phenomenally grown onto to be become a “A Large Community Building of Your Personal Brand” module. Your visitors become your Readers- Subscribers- Email list members and eventually your Customers. So, pump in good content and make blogging a long term happy experience.

Are you a Blogger too? What has your blogging experience been ? Share your thoughts in the Comments Section.

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4 thoughts on “How has Blogging changed from Content Writing to Promotion?

  1. Oh wow, this is a really comprehensive post. I like what you did here, and how much information you’ve packed into one article, and this is definitely a welcome addition to the blogosphere. Digital content is so evolved now, so thanks for covering this!


    1. Hey Stuart, Thanks for taking your time to read this article. It means a lot to me. Appreciate your kind words.
      Yeah and likely so, Digital content has become so dynamic and yet we are together trying to build our spaces together. Thats includes an amazing writer like you:)

      If you wanna be inspired and follow your passion as writer , Guys, Stuart blog is lit!
      Super proud and kudos to all you achievements!


  2. Like anything, new avenues will always be tapped for marketing purposes. A good example is hockey. It is hard to remember a day when the boards were white-not coated with advertisements.
    Successful bloggers balance content with building a brand and gaining readership. I like to use blogging as a way keep my readers entertained on a regular basis, rather than have them wait for my next completed project. Out of site, out of mind is the apt adage. It’s also a more casual avenue for readers to get to know you.
    Do I want my blog readers to purchase my books? Of course, but you can easily loose followers if you are constantly hawking your wares. So as a writer, I want to entertain readers, that is my main goal, either through my blog, newsletters, or my books.


    1. Hello Leon, I am so happy to read your thoughts. Yes marketing gimmicks dont last you your trust with audience.
      Also, thanks for sharing your experience. Lesson for all of us to keep “blogging as a way keep my readers entertained on a regular basis”, This is my best takeaway .

      About books and what I understand , I know you are an awesome author and blogger who values your audience. I am sure your readers will definitely purchase your books based on the great rappo you share with them.

      To all Newbie Bloggers- Follow Leon’s Amazing Goal
      and do check out LEON BOOKS AND BLOG for inspiration 🙂


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