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saloni srivastava

Hello Friends! Are you ready to make your New Year 2021 more rocking than ever? To be honest, the entire world today is looking forward to it along with you. Why not! After all, Life has been our best teacher in 2020.

Have your projects gone off schedule, felt overwhelmed with deadlines, seen a shift in your audiences’ preferences this 2020?  

If you have come this far, you have gathered lot of courage, gained wisdom, dealt with failure and yet triumphed.

Let me share with you my Source of Inspiration to inspire you to realign and achieve your dreams in future.

Introducing Saloni Srivastava ,India’s leading Lifestyle Influencer, Youtuber, TedEx Speaker, Business Coach, Content Creator, Digital Media Marketing Expert, An Entrepreneur ,Podcaster.

Her content niche includes Productivity, Finance, Food , Lifestyle and Minimalism.

My virtual journey of knowing Saloni Srivastava began while watching her video “What I eat in a day” on Youtube. Since then, her amazing content continues to strike a personal chord.

Content Creation Approach Followed By Saloni S

1. Get Your Research Right:

Getting your facts right is essential for you as a content creator. Saloni’s experience and expertise lies in spending a huge amount of time in research. Her core content is sharing ideas that empowers and brings positivity amongst her viewers.

Whether it is about how to buy a house, do financial investments, planning meals  to launching her own course, dedicated hours in knowing her audience, study different lifestyle patterns of consumers helps her plan her content well.

Tip: Nudge yourself out of your comfort zone and invest your time to know your audience better.

2. Build An Awesome Personality:

To become an awesome content creator, you should know how to make remarkable personality. Saloni carries a cheerful aura that makes you want to listen to her. She exhibits a sense of poise and yet gets into a smart “Bossbabe avatar” when it comes to her managing business. One striking aspect in her personality is that she doesn’t shy away from her showing vulnerabilities and leads by example.

Dear Content Creators share some smiles with your audiences! 

Since content creation is a very demanding aspect, building a vibrant personality to manage all the chaos along with being creative is important.

Tip: Stay genuine to your goals and share a honest rapport with your audience.

3. Being Growth driven.

Do you post an Instagram post and check your analytics to see your audience’s engagement? We do aspire for growth and success for the efforts we have put in.

But at what stage do you look for growth in your content creation process? The most clichéd advice is when you have achieved a desired number of audience.

Hell No! Saloni’s content approach teaches you to aim for growth with your first creation itself. With every content piece you put out, you learn to teach yourself how you can do it differently and work towards to deliver better content the next time. 

Tip :Encourage yourself  to follow your instinct and give your best at what you do.

What differentiates Saloni Srivastava as a Content Creator from her peers?

hustlepost saloni

1. Approachable:

May I add my personal experience here? I was contemplating  to join  her Hustlepost Academy and wasn’t sure about it. Guess what, Saloni suggested me to wait and consider investing in the course later!

Her honest view won me over immediately. Yes I am proud HPA student!

What truly amazes me is that Saloni’s  down to earth approach. She spends a dedicated amount of time to reply to her followers, her email list and queries from her community. Her sincere and loving personality is reflected in her content message on her Youtube videos, podcast, Q and A, live talks etc.

2. Knowledge driven:

Apart from being approachable, Saloni Srivastava’s brilliant acumen at learning new skills and sharing it with others is so commendable. Her poise for exploring new avenues is what makes her content intrigued with new perspectives while grabbing audience’s interest too.

Her Content stands out for its Uniqueness and Relatability that she builds with her audience. And that comes with the power of Knowledge that she strives to gain to get a holistic picture of a content subject.

3. Intuitive yet calculative decision maker:

Today, Saloni is India’s Leading Lifestyle influencer. All credit to her intuitive yet calculative choices she has made to reach the pinnacle of success. Unlike me…I am more an impulsive one…Lol!

You know as a content creator, you need to carve your niche in this competitive world. Saloni has build her own personal brand that has grown and sustained all odds because she chose to value her principles. If you want to grow, make smart choices and sacrifices that will yield you good results in future.

Skills and Strategies Saloni Srivastava Teaches You To Enhance your Content Game:

Since Saloni does don quite many hats as Entrepreneur , here are some learn skills and strategies that you can learn from her to kickstart your content creation process in the right direction:

1.Obervation skills:

Develop a keen sense of observant skills to find a gap in the market and customers. This helps you to find the pulse of your audience and introduce the right fit of a product or service they shall need from you. It allows you “ First Mover Advantage” in terms of content strategy and brand building.

Saloni  successfully launched her  Planners , HustlePost Academy after gauging her audience’s requirements. Planners By Saloni helps her niche audience to stay productive and motivate them to fulfill their goals in life . HustlePost Academy gave a fresh lease of life to ambitious individuals who are keen to start their own dream career. The course gives “Side Hustle” a whole new meaning.

2. Timeless content:

Coming up with unique content is no easy feat. Most of us do try to repurpose our existing content. But why not, add a twist to trends, topics in your niche. There, you will have your Timeless /Evergreen content ready that completely yours. Evergreen content with a dash of your personality and creativity makes an instant impression on consumer’s mind.

Check out Saloni’s  Youtube video – What’s in My Bag was cleverly conceptualized and shot in a Café than the regular Sit down video.

3. Keep it simple strategy :

ElviraWriteporium always encourages keeping your content simple . Wit with Simplicity adds to the charm of your brand. And finally presenting to audience in a clear precise manner is key. You do not want your audience to get confused about your message or intent of communication. Avoid mundane ways. Follow an easy and relatable content creation approach across all your social media platforms.

Saloni’s content have elements of positivity, simplicity, doable actions and forward-thinking. Rather than preaching about how to tackle your finance or budgets, She shares Budgets Tips with Real numbers, Plan with me tutorials to help audiences reinstate the fact that “ You can do it too!”

4. Grounded to your Ethics:

Your core ethics lies in can you hold onto your true self in a limelight? Does it itch you to abandon your principles and follow the herd mentality? That’s something you as content creator are always struggling to deal with, right ? It sucks more than an acne!

Saloni S is pretty strong in her values. Even her choice of content, strategies reflect her sense of individuality as a content creator and leadership and entrepreneurial mindset as a business coach.

5. Sharing while learning :

How do you add value to your content? What effort you need to put to keep your audience’s attention loyally hooked onto you?

Duh! Is your Introspecting mode on?

Answer is Follow a simple principle- “Keep your content Raw and Real”. Start experimenting with new topics under your niche. “Learn while you create”. Add a sprinkle of your own experiences, events that brings a fresh perspective.

As an avid learner, Saloni S constantly focuses on upskilling. She loves to often share her personal experiences about a new task, hobby she currently is engaged in. You ultimately become a part of her daily routine and make informed choices along with her. Rather than mere promotion, she chooses to focus to educate, communicate to her audiences  to have a productive and fulfilling life.

6. Value of Audience’s Time:

These days, content strategy parameter includes Value of Time as a biggest factor apart from quality of content. Time is Money indeed in Content World. Note your audience is spending their crucial time on your content. So better make it more Significant and Crisp . Avoid fluff.

Aesthetic are important but so is your audience’s engagement. Saloni is an incredible content creator who values her viewer’s time. Whether it is Instagram post’s , Reels, Youtube content dialogue is direct to the point. Even her advertising campaigns carry a fair and straightforward message.

7. Hustle towards your goals:

Writing Scripts, Setting up your business, meetings with brands, follow up with vendors and clientele and list goes on! You have a lot on your plate. (Apart from your house chores!)

And yet, You are expected to be consistent and churn out top notch content. It requires having a dedicated amount of patience and enthusiasm to keep pursuing yours goals. Delegate when needed. Focus on things that you are good at. Keep your communication amongst your team clear and simple.

Saloni S has a Youtube channel, 3 Instagram accounts, 2 Blogs, Millennial Living Pvt ltd , Upfluen, Brand Collabs, Hustle Post Academy including mentorship programs, course schedules, webinar, office hours calls and many more. She also hustles to manage her core Hpa team, content team while keeping her content delivery consistent.

HustlePost Academy- Best thing happened to me

A blessing for millennials who want to achieve their dream goals, earn passive income and eventually become Entrepreneurs . Hustlepost Academy launched in 2020 is a specially designed online course for people to find their passion and turn into profitable online ventures. She has made Side Hustles a new normal in India.

From her personal experience of being an entrepreneur and making it big, Saloni S shares her goldmine nuggets of wisdom with her students through the academy.

Rather than me bragging out it more, You need to get into HPA to know its true potential!

The Poet in me is excited to pen a poem for Saloni:

Sometimes we need a little push

To come out of our own comforts

To begin a new journey of our dreams

Sometimes we need to hear, to listen

Words of wisdom, words of support

Words on hope, words about achievements

That Sometimes changed to Always

A woman who shares unconditionally

Showing what thoughtful goals can do

Leading her way to build our dreams too

A mentor who listens, shares and cares

Driving us to a new world of discipline

With her motivation, productivity and selfcare

Teaching us that nothing is impossible

In our journey of hustlers to make it happen

Leading by example to deal with fear, fatigue,

to juggle our chores, to define our future

Her “Hey Hustlers” always soothes our soul

A community of us she has nurtured and grown

Sometimes we find true answers along the way

I am glad we have Saloni Srivastava

as our mentor, friend, a beautiful human who cheers us up and always:)

Wish you success and good health

Love, Elvira


A Though Leader Saloni Srivastava carries the charisma to entertain, educate and inspire millennials to live a fulfilled life. Her content creation strategies and expertise is a benchmark on “How to Be a Smart Content Creator“!

I hope you have learnt some nuances of content creation that you can use in your future content and brand building.

P.S: Thanks to an October HPA office hour session, I was motivated to start this 2nd Blog ElviraWritePorium.

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