How To Master Storytelling in your Content

storytelling masterclass

What’s your story? Stories have been the bridge to communicate a feeling, idea or sentiment. As a creator of your product or service, you must tell a unique story to your audience. Storytelling has evolved beyond just bed time stories.

Today we have Blogs, Vlogs, Videos, Podcasts to name a few

We, content creators love to share a story. Everyone have something to say. But not all stories are heard. Some aren’t interesting , some have a confusing plot.

But, the ultimate truth is most of your stories are unheard or ignored!

Sorry but very heartbreaking!

So, where do you stand in this content game if they don’t up the ante?

Recent campaigns have seen storytelling as the prime focus of communication. And in 2021, storytelling will drive people to come out their comfort zones to listen to you.

Make the best use of power of storytelling. Here, I am sharing a detailed master plan how you improve your content by telling a good story.

How to write an effective Story for your brand

My SAP method of storytelling: Scripting, Action, Promotion

A) Scripting Stage:

1. Start with visual background:

Like most stories, you narrate a background with “Once upon a time”. But here’s the deal, you are dealing with a mature audience who know what they want to buy. You have to position yourself so that they feel the need to buy your product at this moment. Narrate your plot with recent past perspective.

Introduce your audience to your hero. Your hero in your story could be your product, service or yourself too.

Normal statement : We have a great product for your hairfall.

Story background : Are you one of them. Have you too been suffering from severe hairfall and are fed up of using multiple products?

background story

2. Include the element of tension:

Storytelling is all about drama – its actuality of the event, melodrama and climax. Tension allows to add a pinch of spice to your tale. When you include a emotion of surprise, shock, suspense , you attract audience’s  attention . They are curious to know what is the exact mystery all about!

Hook your audience by hitting the right nerve! Ouch, Not literally .

Fearing of missing out (Fomo) is highly used as a sales pitch. Your aim is to create a timeless brand and longterm association with your audience  through story. Fomo could attract lukewarm responses and low engagement.

You need to use tension is a constructive way . People need to feel the struggle that your hero has to endure in your story. Don’t be pushy or desperate. Just keep it fun and interesting.

Surprise : Do you want my hairclips? Because I love to flaunt my hair now with no hairfall (words)

Shock: You have a presentation in a few minutes and does your hair looks like this? (visual)

3. Unveil the big moment:

A good story has to have a big moment that gathers oohs and aahs from everyone. Big moment allows you to make the best use of the limelight and convey your message. Educate your audience .When you reveal the climax, you have to make sure you are the centre of attraction. You cannot let your audience lose focus or interest.

Are you thinking, how will you know when is the perfect moment?

Yes, the punch or climax is the true highlight of your entire narrative. Timing is most important to get your content game top notch and right.

You cannot have your hero sitting idle in the background. Get moving. Switch the action mode on. Reveal how your hero struggled and triumphed.

Big moment: Look at my hair now, I have more on my head than on my floor (pun)

Punch: This brilliant shampoo reduced my stress to the hair (next) level

brand endorsement and promotion

4. Solution:

Have a clear solution in place. Not temporary but a permanent one. A permanent solution in a story has a deeper connect and etched in people’s mind. After the big reveal or climax of your scene or story, you have already made an good impression . Keep your solution precise .Your audience mind will absorb your solution quickly if it is put together well. This is the phase, when you have sold your idea . But it is still in their head.

Conveying a simple solution with a summary and Call to action will seal your idea. Your story should drive your audience to search about your product, buy it, invest time to know your content as a content creator.

Solution:  Have a good hair day everyday only with OK shampoo.

5. Resolution

Often, most of us stop reciting a story at point no 4.But I like to emphasize on phase five. Get/ Provide Resolution from your audience.

a) Ask them how do they feel? b) Are they happy to learn something new, were they aware that this story could be so fun and valuable? c ) Find out how the story will change their life. d) What changes does your customer want ? Asking for a feedback is important.

Infact, most popular stories became famous not only because they had a great plot but also good reviews. Your efforts need to get appreciated and rightly so, be motivated to write and tell your next story.

Your resolution should be free from any biasness. An effective story will help you build a good brand culture that your audience will always remember and associate with you.

Effective Resolution: If you want to keep your Hair to be all Okay, you know what to do? Buy Okay Shampoo!

B) Action Stage:

By now, you have drafted your best brand story and are super excited. But how do you plan to take this forward? Hop onto the Action stage where we bake our content. Microwave or OTG, your choice. Just kidding! 

Firstly, while writing the draft, you will tone the voice of your story as per the chosen medium of action i.e Oral and Visual medium.

Getting into action mode.

Your draft is a blueprint of your entire story. If you have a done a good research, then your draft becomes a template for you to add, delete or modify any part.

Start by identifying what you can do to better your story. Add characters and dialogues to your story. Make it more engaging by infusing real life references. If need be, take a quick feedback from your sample research /critics group. It is better to invest more time now than regret it later. Action mode is all about getting your edges fixed.

How can make your audience listen to you?

storytelling podcast

Given the fact that we have ample creative weirdos around us, it is obvious that there is always new content stories streaming daily. So, how can you engage your audience to listen to your story? Since, we have emphasized on written already, here are two more mediums you can use:

a)Oral/Verbal Storytelling medium

Storytelling and speaking are two sides of the same coin. Mere speaking is just talking while storytelling is an informed action/chat. Select the best fit of verbal medium for your story Eg: Jingles, Podcast, rhymes,

Storytelling podcast is one of the most popular trend in recent times. Podcast allows a listener to be more intimate and stay connected with high sensory simulation. It is the closest form of communicating in person in virtual sense. Podcast allows your listeners to keep on hooked to your content.

Speaking medium of story lets your audience visualize your content. Each person could perceive your message differently. Hence, it is important, your words are carefully drafted and effective to deliver the common note.

Feel free to enhance your storytelling experience by using voiceovers if needed. A clear and gentle voice is appreciated than a broken voice and inaudible one.

b)Visual storytelling:

A image or a video takes your story to a visual treat. Visuals defines the context of a story. You let the viewer’s mind to see what you wish to communicate. Here, content creation is entirely driven by you.

Focus on Quality Story than following Trends- Elvira

Support your written brand story with a visual graphic, image, video. You can use captions and subtitles to get a point across but the highlight is the visuals. The beauty of using visual storytelling is that images or videos became the standalone representation. A good visual communicates the story even without external support of voice, music and captions. Video Storytelling and Visual marketing is the future of content creation. Features like reels on instagram are the best form of visual storytelling for us millennials to explore. 

C) Promotion Stage:

Let me take you to final leg of our story, the promotion stage.

Are you with me?

Finally, we have your script is written, edited,  acted and worked upon, the promotion is basically the packaging of your story. With mirage of content around us, our audience’s attention span has decreased drastically .Thus, your storytelling technique has to be relevant and make a quick impression.

Choose the right Mix of Mediums to have crisp story. It’s time to promote your story to reach your target audience. Your main focus should be adding value to your audience.

You can use Billboards and signboards, brand website, collaborations, influencer marketing. Instead of on your face promotions; tell your brand story by sharing micro moments like teasers, ads.

Why storytelling is important for you?

brand image and powerful brand identity.

Bottleneck like losing interest in this competitive social media doldrum is quite easy. Storytelling is one effective content creation strategy leading to long term success.

Gone are the days few brands have pushy ad campaigns repetitively. Become a smart storyteller. As a content creator, you want your audience to remember and also resonate with you. You don’t want your followers to get bored.

You can define your brand value by smart storytelling. Value their time. An effective story influences your customer’s buying pattern, become your loyal followers and also become your word of mouth ambassadors.

Aim to be relevant in your customer’s mind. Your brand story should help them visualize a brand persona about your product or service. That’s possible when you made them feel better and delivered as promised.

Boost your brand: Drive your sales with a Good Story

Don’t you too want to create a timeless brand for yourselves? As content creators, we constantly come up with different content strategies. But what good is your content if your brand doesn’t bring sales. Your brand growth is defined by the revenue generated.

Eg: Ewp is my personal brand that aims to inculcate and utilize  the power of imagination, creativity into your content strategy. Rather than bragging what difference I will make, I will first invite you to read my blogs . Then encourage you to take my writing services.

Make your brand copy worth a story! Like in a poem, I tend to use metaphor to portray a scene or emotions, use words to show your customers what you offer.

Attaching a story to your brand increases the value.Make use of story in your copy to make our campaign more effective.


Storytelling has changed the world. Today stories have evolved beyond bed time stories, fables and fairytales. Introducing storytelling in content creation has improved user’s experience. Brands want to bring the best value possible to their audience. Storytelling has empowered brands to have a better customer engagement than ever before. A good brand story guarantees relatability, gains trust, engagement and ultimately earns consistent profits.

Don’t Forget to use my SAP formula in your future storytelling !

Which Brand Story do you most resonate with and why? – Comment below

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