6Tips to hone your skills and build an engaging community:

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Social media has become a sport . It demands you to put your best foot forward at all times. As much as content creation is a whole dynamic process, so is the enigma of putting yourself out in front of millions of people. Wanting to build a community, honing your skills etc you want to do all of it

To give you some context, I have been lately working on my personal project related to social media. When the time comes,Guys , you will be the first to know. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates. It is gonna be a useful resource specially designed for you.

In the process of my research, that the most often struggle we have is being confident about ourselves. So, here I am sharing some few nuggets of wisdom that help you in adventurous journey.

How do you invest in yourself as Content Creator:

1.Right Attitude:

Attitude is everything. If you want to invest in yourself, a positive attitude can lead you to live a rather stress free live. Negativity and short falls are inevitable. But if  you can spare good over bad decisions, you have half won the battle. The next step is to share this attitude with your audience.

Social media is all about sharing our journeys. If you can transform your audience lives with your right attitude, you spearhead than others. How?

2. Good Communication:

We all have own flair and style of communicating our thoughts. But sometimes we fumble and doubt over our ideas. Whether it is written communication or verbal, invest in yourself to spare few minutes daily to work on your communication. Take a diary and write atleast a para each day. Chat with your friends or family. Pay attention to the words you speak.

As a social media creator in any form, be it blogging, video creation, audio, design, your message has to understood by your audience. Instead of repeating the same words, work to increase your vocabulary.

3. Beyond the Number Game:

Does the number of likes, follows drive your sleep away? I used to refresh my feed to see how my post faired during the day. It felt funny waiting for something magical to happen out of nowhere. Have you been in this ruckus?

Stick to keep your numbers as a tangible indicator for your work. There’s more than just numbers. Imagine you to be sitting with sulky face in front of a camera doing a live audience session!

Keep a detox time to rejuvenate your mind. The process of coming up with ideas, working on it, editing and promotion already requires you to don many hats. Don’t make it difficult by adding numbers, rather focus on the quality of content.

The Passionate Speaker is a platform where you learn and grow your skills

I am introducing you to The Passionate Speaker channel.I interacted with the Creator Ms Harini J through an online platform almost a year ago. If you want to learn and grow your skills with simple and easy tricks, then this is a place for you. You will find a goldmine of information, wisdom shared by a passionate speaker and teacher. You will be amazed at her skillful presentation of words, thoughts and vibe. She blends intellectuality with humbleness. Bust your myths about English language, get guidance about your career and plan your finances in a hassle free way. Support her initiative and get inspired by a fellow content creator who strives to create a better world!

4. Shape your Personality:

What’s your personality type? Personality of a person reflects true your mindset. The vibe your share is the connection you build with yourself and later with your audience.

Nuture your personality. It is a daily process. Suppose, you want to exhibit yourself as confident person, you must invest in good habits of holding a holistic perspective, staying calm while dealing with situations, focus on clarity of thoughts and keep a growth mindset.

A cheerful vibrant personality always attracts more audience than a whiner.

5. Make public speaking your strength:

Reminds me of my college days when Group discussions and presentations used to hound me. Typical introvert kind. Are you jittery about speaking on stage? Thanks to graduation course which needed presentations in every subject, I finally curbed my fears. The tingling sensation is still there, but much better.

Speaking in front of a crowd does get overwhelming. The solution is not take it as a duty. Make it part of your daily activity. At first, coming in front of camera bothers you, spend more time to respond to your subscribers comments, emails etc. Choose a time to converse with your audience. The nature of being familiar with people will debug your fears of speaking publicly.

6. Pursue Social Awareness:

Get socially aware about things happen around you. Social media gives you a platform to showcase your skills. But also gives you the power to voice your opinion about an issue or cause. How will you contribute if you don’t have eve a faint idea about the event? Being content creators make you land in role of being influencers. People want to know what you think of a situation. This is beyond your content.

Dedicate time to brief yourself about the latest happenings, current affairs, industry expertise etc. Enrol yourself for courses that enhances your content creation process.

Community Engagement:

A well rounded content creator is poised to create and share the best value an audience wants. Community engagement is possible only if you vouch the quality of content and dedicate your efforts to build a rappo with your audience. Having invested in yourself as creator, you can be true to your brand voice. You inculcate the power to share opinions, build a growing viewership and a nuture a healthy community.


Honing the right skills translates to having a growth mindset to deliver the best value. The crux of a good engaging community lies in your leadership. The more you are forthcoming, real and direct, the sooner you attract loyalty of your community. On social media, the audience and content creators come together  with the idea to unravel their common interests. Guys, invest in yourself, venture out into the world to leverage your brand and built a community you are proud of!

Name habits or skills you have acquired in your content creation journey?– Comment below

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