Things You Need to Know about Being a Content Creator

Do you think about how someone is buzzing with ideas and not you? Does that person have some superpower ? No. It is his/her super will to create things differently. Journey of a social media content creator is no different. A lot of articles speak about content creation strategies, Here’s EWP blog speaking for you, dear Content Creator. The internet has opened up many golden opportunities. Better grab them now. Even Artificial intelligence is racing ahead to steal the limelight that social media offers! And folks, you were gonna sit with creative minds doing nothing. Not done.

 So, as part of EWP fam, I encourage you make the best use of your abilities. Give your favourite hobbies a makeover and convert them into a potential content business. EWP mission is to make your content creation process more easy and likeable with indepth analysis on topics.

Want to stay on top of people’ mind? Then, you must learn about content creation strategies. If you want fruitful results in your life, choose to start. Even begin with as  simple as writing good emails or captions for your social media posts. Tips, strategies only work when your content starts blooming from your mind into positive outcomes. I hope you achieve these results too, because why not!

Craft a Result Oriented Content Goal:

While you may be a Johnny Depp as Creator, have a strategic content goal like Lilly Singh. A natural spontaneous content strategy that teaches you, nurtures your skill grabs lot of eyeballs. A result oriented goal is one that your viewers become your subscribers and vouch for your content.

And if you think, that you still amateur, buddy think again. You need to start to know how good or bad it is for you. Let me tell you, if you align your interests, there’s even better reason to learn more about your niche.

make personal brand by thought leader, content expert

A Special Note to You:

Do you an idea? You must have known an idea can change everything. You need no expertise. Trust your instincts and make it work. Try new things. Keep an open vision in mind with any preconceived notions. Next time, use this idea technique at your work, a new project, a group discussion or even a simple chat with your friends. You will know how a group of people or audience in future will react to your idea. You realize whether it is worth it or not.

To all my readers here, whether you Bloggers, Content writers, Creators, Designers, Artists you will love creating new ideas by learning new things I teach here. Put your inspirations in use and begin your journey as content creator. Anchor your creativity to the next level. I am sharing the baton with you. You will be amazed at the results. I want to cheer you on this journey, so do Tag me and follow me in future.

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A content creator is a person who visualizes, puts together an idea and shares with others. A content creator’s role is to make challenge odds and find solutions. Your role as a creator is to find best solutions for your audience. A good content creator though knows how to make his/her idea work everytime. He/she spends time to create a perfect plan of action to get know the customer well. After all, content creation is meant to make life easy for consumers, new visitors and target audience specifically.

  • Do you feel that only a social media influencer is a content creator? No.
  • Does it mean that people who face camera are content creators? No.

Many of you work behind the scenes, You are still creating content. Every piece of content you share namely blogs, videos, podcasts, memes etc are all content.  

Were you underestimating your strengths? Even if you are just starting out, invest time to come up with content for your customer. But how authentic is your research about a customer? There’s no perfect answer. Your customer is moving at a fast pace. Spending hours on how to bridge the gap between you and your customer is no solution. How you can be a content creator is by listing down your must haves or non negotiable things in life.

7 Top Priority Things You Need to Start to Become a Content Creator:

1.Take a leap of faith and THINK, LIVE, ACT LIKE YOUR CUSTOMER.

2.Become part of their community.

3. Aim for doing fun things like joining them for a music night, celebrating their wins.

4. Start working with them to give a much needed solution like a weekend chill day list, help them plan their chores.

5.Take a challenge to shop with a limited budget. See what they still purchase!

6.Become their soul buddy. Consume their preferred Netflix shows, read their favourite books, discuss their interests.

7.You don’t have to make an extra effort to connect with them. Be genuine and they will boast about what a good friend you are!

Result: You will start building customer-centric products and services. Gallop towards successful customer relations and earn your reward of being a content creator.


But ideally how does your life look like ?Are you aware about what works behind the scenes of a content creator’s world! The reality of life looks different from the polaroid we share with others. Isn’t it a constant hustle to come up with great content each time? While you may not share your struggles of how you managed to :

 ✔write an SEO friendly article after hours of research

 ✔spend hours to finally get the perfect look on camera

✔nail onto the perfect content strategy after countless trials and errors.

✔upload an IG TV or Reel after multiple edits

✔faced anxiety to constantly come up with a great idea You should know it is okay to feel not okay once in a while. Stay human and accept your day.

Start Right, Feel Okay about your pursuit of being a creative person. Afterall, you are adding value to your audience’s life by educating, inspiring and cheering them.


Social media content is evolving and what better than you being part of it. I started as a blogger and slowing moved into books and digital content. I have given you synopsis of how the world of content creator looks like. But furthermore, you will be enjoy the process of creating content yourself as we dive into basics and depth of the topics. Though I am setting the stage for you, it is you who rock your content game in future. Stay tuned if the buzz of content interests you, because why not!

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