Learn the Power of Why in Writing

power of why in writing

Hello Creative People, Can you defend your why? Tell me, were you in a situation where others asked what do you do, why should they pay for your art, what is the value of your work? Your content is so underrated. There are many others like you, so is your writing/piece of art worth the price? Damn it! Today, I’m gonna highlight another important aspect of Writing i.e. Power of Why in Writing.

Irrespective of the role you play in your business, Power of why is your fundamental way to get hold of mission and vision to stay in track. Here’s how you can empower yourself in your writing feat in future.


Before you read out the solution, listen to My Answer to Your Why. You will be in a better position to understand how the power of why mechanism works. The core lies in its simplicity. The simple answer you can give to why in business, the better you will be able to identify things you need to work on. You can then apply it to all levels of content creation and even in your daily decision making.

Here’s a quick personal note.

My Answer to your Why is I make content creation simple for you with a spice of creativity. If you are done following mere routines and rules, then I welcome you to be part of my Community. My aim is to share knowledge & study about different aspects of content creation with you. This way, even you as a beginner can easily ace your creator’s skills and quickly adapt to the dynamic social media industry.

Now, carefully read my solution for you. Next time be ready with your answers.

I love to share with you my golden thumb rule for your powerful why in writing.

Prosecute your why’s to the limit that it truly cannot defend itself.

Answer the following:


Critic also should know why is you is offering the same type of service differently.

Define your X FACTOR!

Reviewer should be aware what could be best, power of why in role that act a guide for newbie. In my case , my intent is to provide value to booklovers in the book I share with them. They could be range of popular to newly published  in the stock.

I wish you all the success. Friends, Do share : What’s your Answer to the Why’s ?


After knowing the Power of why, eventually you would love to better your writing.

True Love and Good Writing takes time. Don’t rush into making it perfect. Do you get possessive about your work? Like this is the best work I have created. Then stop. Appreciate but don’t go overboard. Your love for writing should not make your lose your focus and go head over heels .

 Stand by the Value you create. Bravely advocate your thoughts. Let the power of “Why” be headstrong to withstand any trials.

Don’t you want to create and write more? Stop acting like it’s your first love. You will eventually get there ” Awesome Writer” So, Avoid wearing rose tinted glasses . Love your work but be critical too. Write about what you love. But grow as a practical thinker/writer. I hope you will make Writing your eternal love like me!


Make a story along with your audience. Often we say, a writer brings life to a story through his/ her words.

🖋But, it is the audience who takes the story forward in his life, sharing amongst his friends and family.

🖋So, why not write a story that becomes a joyride with your audience.

🖋Go on an adventure ride with them. You will be surprised at their reaction. Each of them may connect them to their own experiences.

🖋Listen and celebrate their journey.


As a writer, I would like to tell encourage you to give power to writing without hesitation. Power comes with responsibility. Once you get in the groove of writing, your flow of words, language and voice improves. This allows you to find your true calling – niche/ subject that interests you.

Want to know about how you can increase your WHY In writing?

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