If Writers Would Tell The Truth!

writers truth

For a day, if your mind chose to speak more than your words. Then, it will look something like this. After all, you spending most of your times bleeding your ink onto the pages. If writers would tell all the truth about their life as a writer, the world would be an open book that would be spoiled for attention aka readers?

writers truth

The concealed part of a Writer’s Life- Revealed!

Are you planning to bust all our secrets, Elvira? Well yes and no. I chose this topic to share and address what most of us writers ignore or pay less attention to, i.e own self worth. Secondly, unabashedly choose this topic to knock the hell out of your insecurities, courtesy fellow writer. Sassy, yup!

Let’s hold this problem by its ears literally.

Do you spend hours getting your grammar and tone of write-up perfect? Sulk over a topic to write based on the keyword research? Wished for a day when your right brain could take a vacation? Wished someone sponsored your creative idea? I get you.

Writers as creative humans have a lot of things buzzing inside our heads. Sometimes we get strange thoughts while we are neck-deep into finishing an article! Just the other day while writing for my project, my thoughts lingered on a show I watched few months ago.

Oh btw, which is the latest show have you been binge-watching ?

Now my brain is wired to watch the next season. Half an hour later, I sit scrolling through fun moments of the show on a blog. Do you do that or is it me insanely reliving those cinematic moments!

Here’s the buzz, while the creative in me became a silent observant of the show, my writer persona was screaming its lungs out “ Elvira you are wasting time , pay attention to pen down a review”

How many of you face this moral policing of your conscience. But no one knows and perhaps you became guilty for fault to be discussed later.

Matter of factly, I gave in. I did utilize those moments and worked my way to take inspiration to enhance my content.

Spilling the beans of what a writer wants:

1.Freedom to share:

A page is a writer’s canvas. And freedom to share is the greatest respect you can bestow upon a writer. Writers are known to have an emotional side. It is not just the

2. Bound by deadlines, not creativity:

A popular myth is having no deadlines is a treat for writers. Not really, my friend. If you know a good writer, you will be surprised to know that deadlines don’t really burn them. Constant bickering about the writer’s work does irk a writer. Infact, you will agree that every writer dreams that his/ her ink is perpetual creative.

3. Putting freshers in a box:

You may have seen growing number of content writers mushrooming in your friends circle and all the hullabaloo about SEO so called geniuses.

Well, because the content market favoured a lot of them based on talent and expertise. But can you downplay a new writer’s perspective. Perhaps, he/she may have amassed more knowledge through self learning.

What it takes to be a Good Writer:

good writer personality


Writers are driven by passion to express their thoughts. And that can by large entertain, comfort and educate others who read their work. So, in whatever capacity of a writer you may be or are in the moment, grab the opportunity to share what you want to tell in the right way possible and sure readers will follow you.

Then, here’s a treat for you! Did you know I wrote an ebook – Creative Content Mavericks designed for writers and creators like you.

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