Time To ‘Crush It’Now Dear Creator!

crush it

Are you a short term driven person? I hope not. Time to Crush it guys!

Be hungry to achieve your goals. Everyone wants recognition. But does yours accompany greed? If you can recall one fond memory of your life, it will include an element of appreciation, happiness you felt on that day. Money is a means to your goal.

But if you have everything in possession but no opportunity, how can you grow as a creative person? Open your arms to opportunities that come your way. Make them your privilege. Your career needs 1 golden opportunity to create a new benchmark. People don’t become famous overnight. They chose opportunities to make it big.

Sit down today and seal your midweek goals. I made mine too! What’s yours?


Time for some change, shall we?

As a creator, you have a lot of things going inside your head. But what do you do ? Crush our dreams because someone made us doubt them! That someone is YOU!


Keeping a privileged position and continue the same life or set an example to grab new opportunities. The choice is yours!

It’s important that you are setting an example first for yourself and then others. So, sit down and book a table for two , you and mindset. Have a conversation. Listen. Listen, Listen!

You are a solopreneur and A sense of achievement is a must to inspire you to do it consistently. Agree? Begin Now! Why don’t start working on your idea that you buried under the pillow?

Things we tend to usually ignore/ are taken for granted in Life


– Health

-Saying a “Thank You”

– Our dear ones’ opinion

– Past mistakes

– Reciprocate others with a smile

– To do list

– Our dreams

– Self confidence

There is enough success to go around for everyone :

Do you  feel FOMO( fear of missing out) on seeing your school- friend has secured a lucrative job  Or Sharing  the details of your secret project with someone incase your idea is stolen?

We as humans love to live in constant fear for losing out or being jealous of someone else’s growth. But is it worth at all, when you can still stay happy and lead contented life ?

Today, I am at a better place myself, it is because ,

-I respect other’s win,

-Nurtured the habit of appreciation

-I regularly interact with my peers in the same field ( it is more fun to discuss lifestyle/branding)

-Keep my focus on adding value for others

Wondering how avoiding being overwhelmed, rather celebrate other’s successes can help you?

-It can help you get a clear picture of how you can prioritize to achieve the same result

-Learning curve can be much faster for you to grow

-Create small WIP projects to test new alternatives in the hindsight.

-Makes you a better person by learning the trait of “ collaborative living”.

Share your experience about you being a part of other’s success story even in small way? (or how you celebrated with someone else’s  success )


Do you have an impostor syndrome costing you hopeful dream project? I have too faced this , Impostor syndrome eventually allows your negativity to overshadow your present and possible future. This Lucifer is quite handsome and stubborn too!

Result is Someone else get the benefit what was truly yours until then!

As a Content Creator, you want to grow your Business Solutions:

  • Believe in yourself and Start saying YES to opportunities
  • Be kind to yourself, everything may not turn as perfect at present
  • Know your value of your work or service and price is right!


Do feel blah on days when truly you have been waiting for the moment?

We all have ! In this mad rush of being in a spotlight, whether finishing your tasks at work, being the best person for your family and friends, you always try to do things bit extra. Now my friends, if you are a social media content creator, then you have another responsibility of creating a brand.

In all, you are super exhausted. You don’t want to be a slouchbag, do you?

Be a Content Strategist of Life.

I request you to Create your Magic Zen Zone. Just as others need you, so do you need yourself. Invest in yourself. Do things you love. Try to keep positive vibes. Even a Content Strategy needs you to focus.

So create a magic space that’s yours. Crush it Neat !

Friends, Do share : What’s your favourite thing/way to chill ?

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Copyright©2021- 1st October by Elvira Lobo Pinto (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Pexels, I don’t claim any of its rights.

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