Choice-Moving from Passtime to Passion Economy

passion economy

Are you overwhelmed by the question, “ What do you do?”. And most often the same set of people prodding your existence for choosing an unconvential path-Your Passion.  As if those words weren’t enough to nail the coffin, your name is an example of what not to do!

Friends, I am not here to judge your decisions , but having being bombarded with so many smirks about choices , I thought why not address the elephant in the room- “Passion Economy”.

There has been no if’s and but’s about how staggering the world of Passion has swept this pandemic economy. Being part of uncertainty at the macro level, many of us have had a lot of rethinking to do.

By the way, going by how deep this concept is,

Do you think your career status defines who you are?

Positive Steps towards Passion Economy:

Choices you have/had:

The obvious choices you made were going to school, getting your degrees and landing a good job. Beyond this 3 step life mantra, you were treated as uncool, lazy and not ambitious.

In my several years of corporate life, I struggled to find my ace- my creative inkling. Infact, I chose what I wished to do, a career in banking finance. But it left me with a void.

Choices you make/made:

Side hustles is treated as threat by most employers today. Well ideally it take lot of time and energy to grow and monetize it . So, dear boss chill! But in my opinion, side hustles are the best way to unwind your thoughts and distress. Think of it like a bonus you get for the hustle you have at home and work.

Besides having a 9-5 job, there is a world outside to explore. It is who you become. These choices are yours to make and why not! A sunday  jamming session with your band pumps up your mood for the entire week.

Let’s face it, not all job(s )you took up actually marry your taste, right? You’ve made those choices coz it gives you the comfort of paying your bills and securing your future and family.

Choices you are faced with:

A pandemic didn’t invent the sporadic sudden rise of people choosing their passion. It already existed , only more people are now comfortable to say yes. Career has undoubtedly been a big lifestyle statement. So, what changed ? We are now exposed to being uncomfortable. The fear of losing jobs, salary cuts, downsizing beat the hell out.

Choices you should give a try:

Listing your hobbies in the resume feels like odd task.  I mean eventually, you are not going to do a deep work session about which author or genre is the best. But knowing your passion gives a sense of personality to the opposite person.

So, bringing up your hobby shouldn’t be random copy paste, rather a  fruitful passion you indulge in. Make it your buddy. See how many times your passion comes to your rescue.

Here’s a disclaimer, you need to be in self conscious happy space to give your hobby some respect.  (No crying emojis)

Choices you can deliver:

You are confident when you are incharge of the tasks you ought to do .It’s promising that your efforts will be more authentic and real. Delivering what you promised screams reliability Pursuing your passion gears you in that direction.

Hello, who doesn’t want to earn Passive income?

I want.

Moving to passion economy doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job. It means adding vigour to your skills as a worksforce. You are entitled to making crucial decisions, engaging in conversations, negotiating with clients etc. Isn’t it much better than passing your time lazing around doing nothing.


Folks, moving towards passion economy requires a blend of courage and work ethics. It is a clog of wheel that needs a constant push from your end. This millennia is the best time to invest in what you truly good at and convert it into positive resource. Just as your job demands expertise, your creative passion demands your attention.

If only, you start Now! If not when?

Name ‘1 Hobby/Passtime habit’ that you wish to pursue right now?

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