Write for your Audience -Lessons Learnt from Stand Up Comedians

Today, I share with you one of the interesting topic that always intrigues me. It is a like a sinking sand. Goes Deeper and wild . It’s an ambit , an extraordinary element of life- Writing. Let’s begin by the cliché topic, what does writing mean to you? Each time, it transports you to aContinue reading “Write for your Audience -Lessons Learnt from Stand Up Comedians”

How to follow “Millennial Thinking” across all levels of content creation

Hello people, Welcome to yet another dish of a content stuffed article. Living as a millennial who breathes in and out of the content world, our life is super synced with it. Gone are the days where we sang the “ I love you Rasna”, or “ Thanda Matlab Coca Cola”, the 90’s jingle thatContinue reading “How to follow “Millennial Thinking” across all levels of content creation”

Pump it up -Love your passion and Kill your Anxieties!

Hello, Are you pumped up about new things? A new Apple Macbook , a surprise travel or simply even a new web series like Mirzapur on Amazon Prime. As I write this post, the anxiety level of eager fans of Mirzapur 2 is so high that the #Andacampaign on Instagram has worked brilliantly to keepContinue reading “Pump it up -Love your passion and Kill your Anxieties!”

Introduction to Elvirawriteporium

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Elvirawriteporium, a platform that explores content in a more holistic way. As content creators , we are on a constant adventure of finding meaning to create value for our audiences. This is an effort to dive deeper into this ocean of ideation to content delivery to the masses. Gone are theContinue reading “Introduction to Elvirawriteporium”