Choice-Moving from Passtime to Passion Economy

Are you overwhelmed by the question, “ What do you do?”. And most often the same set of people prodding your existence for choosing an unconvential path-Your Passion.  As if those words weren’t enough to nail the coffin, your name is an example of what not to do! Friends, I am not here to judgeContinue reading “Choice-Moving from Passtime to Passion Economy”

If Writers Would Tell The Truth!

For a day, if your mind chose to speak more than your words. Then, it will look something like this. After all, you spending most of your times bleeding your ink onto the pages. If writers would tell all the truth about their life as a writer, the world would be an open book thatContinue reading “If Writers Would Tell The Truth!”

Learn the Power of Why in Writing

Hello Creative People, Can you defend your why? Tell me, were you in a situation where others asked what do you do, why should they pay for your art, what is the value of your work? Your content is so underrated. There are many others like you, so is your writing/piece of art worth theContinue reading “Learn the Power of Why in Writing”

Beginner’s Guide to Writing: Secret tips revealed

Do you wish to improve your writing or pursue writing as your career? You may have started a blog, made a portfolio and worked on keeping your content a level up and now trying to pitch clients. Welcome to the writing world. Being part of the literary fraternity creating content over the years, I wishContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Writing: Secret tips revealed”

Learn How to Redefine the Scope of Millennial Poetry

Poetry is an indispensable element of our lives. Right from our childhood, we have been surrounded by nursery rhymes, poetry, jingles that share a fairytale or recite a story. Has the nuance of poetry been compromised with the new age digital media? Do you feel that the internet has changed how we perceive poetry today?Continue reading “Learn How to Redefine the Scope of Millennial Poetry”

How has Blogging changed from Content Writing to Promotion?

Are you late to start blogging in 2021? Does it bother you who will read a 1500-2000 word article? Let’s face it. You are at a much better space to start your own blog. A good meal is good enough unless you taste it! You love it even more if the meal has been given goodContinue reading “How has Blogging changed from Content Writing to Promotion?”

Introduction to Elvirawriteporium

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Elvirawriteporium, a platform that explores content in a more holistic way. As content creators , we are on a constant adventure of finding meaning to create value for our audiences. This is an effort to dive deeper into this ocean of ideation to content delivery to the masses. Gone are theContinue reading “Introduction to Elvirawriteporium”