Your handy Content Ebook with 200+ prompts to help you create content with confidence on social media and build a creative venture of your own



Yes, You!

You will agree that as an creative entrepreneur, creating content about things you love needs you to THINK OUT OF THE BOX! Isn’t it a daily struggle?

Now if you want to ace content game, you should spend more time ideally on content creation and growing your business and not spending hours thinking!


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Imagine If:

  • You don’t have to spend hours thinking about new ideas and inspirations because you have a bunch of prompts at your fingertips.
  • You enjoy creating content and don’t find it daunting anymore.
  • You get consistent with posting content and attract a dedicated audience in your niche (Potential customers)
  • You are able to create creative content on any event/ topic and not just depend on “Trending” posts.
  • You can handle creative block because now you have all the needed resources.
  • You seamlessly apply content strategies to get more productive in content creation.
  • You don’t have to spend thousands on research, ideas etc. I did it for you!



Your ebook with 200+ prompts to stay creative and create content with ease on social media.

(Headlines, Captions, Content Script, Audio, Reels, Videos)

What’s inside CCM?

  • An in-depth personalized content creation guide for creative solopreneurs like you.
  • Specially crafted content strategies to amplify your niche.
  • A detailed content plan to grow your personal brand.
  • SAP Formula to ‘Write your own Brand Story’.
  • Tips & Tricks to get the best out of social media.
  • 200+ readymade prompts designed for you.
  • CCM EXCLUSIVE prompts collection
  • 30 days Content Calendar (Audio, Visual & Text)
  • Bonus Content Ideas & Calendar (more the merrier!)
  • Solo & Group Activities for you and peers in your niche.
  • Learn ‘How to be Creative’ over & over again!

The total value of CCM is Rs 565/- but CCM can be yours at just Rs 450/-. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!


Creative Content Mavericks Workbook

A dedicated CCM WORKBOOK to help you to grow as a content creator and put your plans into action.


Chart your content journey by knowing more about yourself (& as a creator )and audience.

All inclusive Worksheets :

  • to track how your idea is evolving
  • identify your potential side hustle.
  • how to find the right content fit.
  • helps you understand more about your niche
  • a result- driven social media content plan and ways you can achieve it.

CCM EXCLUSIVE Cheatsheets, Checklist, Affirmation and Quotes and much more.

Creative Prompts for you !




Cooking & Baking Enthusiasts

Content Coaches

Finally, here’s what you have:

A value packed CCM EBOOK for creative solopreneurs like you to create content on your own with 200+ prompts & activities for different niches. An Exclusive CCM Workbook to help you ‘stay creative, think differently’ and build your personal brand on social media.

The total value of CCM Ebook & Workbook is Rs 565/- but CCM can be yours at Rs 450/-. Grab this opportunity now and take action to your success.

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