Time To ‘Crush It’Now Dear Creator!

Are you a short term driven person? I hope not. Time to Crush it guys! Be hungry to achieve your goals. Everyone wants recognition. But does yours accompany greed? If you can recall one fond memory of your life, it will include an element of appreciation, happiness you felt on that day. Money is aContinue reading “Time To ‘Crush It’Now Dear Creator!”

How To Make a Good Impression as a Creator?(EXPLAINED)

The top ranked Google articles features popular tricks and trends for content strategies . A good impression is crucial in content creation business. But what about you and your needs, dear Content Creator? As you may outlined your content plan, defined your strategy, don’t you need someone who can be your go to person?. Let’sContinue reading “How To Make a Good Impression as a Creator?(EXPLAINED)”

Things You Need to Know about Being a Content Creator

Do you think about how someone is buzzing with ideas and not you? Does that person have some superpower ? No. It is his/her super will to create things differently. Journey of a social media content creator is no different. A lot of articles speak about content creation strategies, Here’s EWP blog speaking for you,Continue reading “Things You Need to Know about Being a Content Creator”

Learn How to Redefine the Scope of Millennial Poetry

Poetry is an indispensable element of our lives. Right from our childhood, we have been surrounded by nursery rhymes, poetry, jingles that share a fairytale or recite a story. Has the nuance of poetry been compromised with the new age digital media? Do you feel that the internet has changed how we perceive poetry today?Continue reading “Learn How to Redefine the Scope of Millennial Poetry”

Saloni Srivastava- The Content Thought Leader

Hello Friends! Are you ready to make your New Year 2021 more rocking than ever? To be honest, the entire world today is looking forward to it along with you. Why not! After all, Life has been our best teacher in 2020. Have your projects gone off schedule, felt overwhelmed with deadlines, seen a shiftContinue reading “Saloni Srivastava- The Content Thought Leader”

5 Smart Strategies to Spice your Winter Content (Holiday)Season

The holiday season is already here. The temperatures are dropping and so is your Patience to create something new. It’s time for coming up with some Winter content ideas to celebrate this festive season. I am not gonna bore you with yet another list of winter topics. You can find these amazing topics here-link MyContinue reading “5 Smart Strategies to Spice your Winter Content (Holiday)Season”

Keeping up with Culture-Do you have a Focussed Content Culture in place?

At the time when content creation has been pivotal in the digital race, you don’t want to be left out. Coming up with a unique ideas is given, but Sustainability is the Key. As an ambassador of content creation, you feel the need to dive quickly into the trends. But is your Content Culture focussed?Continue reading “Keeping up with Culture-Do you have a Focussed Content Culture in place?”

Don’t let your Doomscrolling content affect your brand in future!

It’s already 3.30 am. Tucking my head on the slouchy pillow, I am refreshing the google news feed on my phone to know about coronavirus. Yes, this was me a few months ago. Subconsciously, I would end up checking the count of cases, lockdown, medical measures of India and then other countries. Even the searchContinue reading “Don’t let your Doomscrolling content affect your brand in future!”

Ultimate Content Guide for Food Enthusiasts &Bakers-Small Business Owners

Do you enjoy watching cooking/baking videos? Those lip-smacking gourmet delights are enticing enough for you to feel hungry even after a wholesome lunch or dinner. But, if you are home-based baker or chef, don’t you want to create a Nigella Lawson feat? This genre is really close to my heart like a Dunkin donut. So,Continue reading “Ultimate Content Guide for Food Enthusiasts &Bakers-Small Business Owners”

Introduction to Elvirawriteporium

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Elvirawriteporium, a platform that explores content in a more holistic way. As content creators , we are on a constant adventure of finding meaning to create value for our audiences. This is an effort to dive deeper into this ocean of ideation to content delivery to the masses. Gone are theContinue reading “Introduction to Elvirawriteporium”